• andrew young

    its great to see so many people with nothing better to do especially when you have no jobs or school to go to, maybe they could get some bailout bucks for kinkos to print some better protest signs . And they act like they have never seen a near trillion dollar bill get passed before …like Bush just before leaving office!
    also had to be passed or complete meltdown and with no provisions for homeowners in trouble just the big banks but i suspect most those protesters own their home…s
    God bless us

  • So I think you are saying trillion dollar bailouts are wrong, no wait you are saying they are ok? Confused.

    I think we can agree it was wrong when Bush did it. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • freeme

    I wonder if it ever occurs in liberal minds that conservatives didnt like Bush’s TARP pkg either?
    They “assume” so many points of view about conservatives instead of talking with them and finding out the TRUTH for themselves. Liberal/Socialists arrogantly ‘think’ they are so right about everything without a clue there are other points of view other than their own that are also right. If people stopped blindly following in the footsteps of their elite leaders running and ruining their lives, they too may find TRUTH, but then, one has to think for themselves outside the box to achieve it, yes?

  • @freeme Don’t hold your breath. If they were to admit that their argument would hold no water.