Stupidity – Yet Another Reason For Smaller Government

It’s bad enough that a staffer for an elected official is racist enough to distribute something like this by e-mail.

It’s even worse that they are so stupid as to think it wouldn’t surface with their name attached to it.

Now for another round of apologies and resignation. Michael Silence has more.

Update From Christian Grantham:

I spoke with Sherri Goforth minutes ago to confirm she sent this email. She confirmed she had sent it and also said she had received a letter of reprimand from her superiors and said she will stay on the job.

When I asked her if she understood the controversial nature of the photo, Goforth would only say she felt very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list.


“Sorry Officer…I intended to rob a different bank. My bad. Am I free to go?”

Guess that resignation thing is out the door.

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  • And yet …

    We endured 8 years of “Chimpy McBusHitlerHalliburton” and “Darth Cheney”. Even after they had served their term, we saw Joe the Plumber get eviscerated – Sarah Palin and her family, which continues even now with Letterman’s “joke” about 14 year old Willow … the Playboy Hate F**k list … the attacks on Carrie Prejean .. right down to our local blogging community where one liberal wished forced “teabagging” on me, as well as the like of Ann Coulter, and another local blogger thought it was funny … and on and on and on and on, from the tolerant, loving and peaceful liberals in our midst.

    I refuse to even acknowledge their feigned indignation anymore. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. As one of the leading liberals once so lovingly said, “Screw ’em!”

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  • Hmmm…guess I wasn’t looking at it in terms of party affiliation or political ideology. I was just thinking that you’d have to be an idiot to send something like that from your work email, especially when doing so could damage your employer.

    And then there’s the fact that there are countless fart jokes you could send that are much funnier and don’t show you as a racist.

    Stupid is stupid and wrong is wrong. Political party doesn’t really come into it in my eyes. For instance, it’s stupid to let an intern give you a hummer in your office, and it’s wrong to lie about it under oath.

    Defending “stupid and wrong” because of loyalty to some collective group of people because they put the same letter after their name as you do seems sort of, well, stupid and wrong.

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