The Space Coast Marathon   Half Marathon, --124506

Marathon Training 18 Weeks Out

Cool medals too!

I decided on a fall marathon to try to fix what ailed me in the Florida 70.3 run. Luckily there’s a great local race, The Space Coast Marathon, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Using the FIRST training plan, I hope to keep up with my swimming and cycling as best I can on the cross training days, and once the race is over I’ll get back to cycling heavily and put the run into a mostly-coast mode to get ready for the Naples HITS 70.3 in January. We have local open water swims every Wednesday, and the course is set up nicely to get a 1.2 miles swim in safely. The real trick is going to be getting some distance in on the bike, so I may have to work overtime a little to make that happen.

Here’s this week’s schedule


Cycle: Probably a Spinervals Aero Base Builder workout


Key Run #1: 10 minute warm-up, 6 x (1 minute fast then 3 min. easy), 10 minute cool-down


Open water swim


Key Run #2: 2 miles easy, 2 miles @ 8:15-8:30 pace, 2 miles easy




Key Run #3: 8 miles @ 9:30 pace


Cycle: High intensity spin or another Spinervals video

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  • sadcox

    Key Run 1 down. No idea what pace I was running the “fast part” at, but I know I wanted those minutes to end. The easy parts were over 10 minute miles and I averaged ~9:26, so it wasn’t too slow during the sprints.

  • sadcox

    Key Run 2. This one felt NG from the start, but I ended up right around 9 minute miles…no complaints.

  • sadcox

    Key Run 3: Dug a little bit of a hole at the beginning and had to put some pressure on myself to make it in 9:30 pace, but not too much pressure. It was good practice regardless.