Today I’m remembering a guy I used to know back in the day who was trying to make it big in the music business. I got the impression he viewed himself as a sort of John Mellencamp of our generation. The only problem is that he didn’t have Mellencamp’s song writing abilities and didn’t sing.

And he wasn’t a real good dancer.

Aside from those things, he was exactly like Mellencamp.

Basically, a chain-smoking jerk.

GA Delegation at the ’12 GOP Convention

Things are already heating up at the ’12 GOP Convention.

That would be the 1912 Convention. Read Jamie Dupree’s account of what’s happened to him when he tried to cover an event.

Whenever you have the feeling the press isn’t being fair to you, maybe the first step you should take is to check the mirror and ask yourself if you deserve it.

More delegates emerged with the same message. People tweeted messages to me from inside the delegation meeting, telling me I wasn’t missing anything.

It was evidence of the power that social media really has right now.

Idea For A Useful Website

There used to be a website called Recipe Chimp that let you enter ingredients and spit back a recipe for something delicious you could make from those ingredients.

How about this instead…

Enter the number of neighbors you think are home right now, and the site will give you a recipe for something delicious you can make out of items you can likely borrow from each of those neighbors.