1. Get a sack or bag large enough to hold several items.
  2. Have your child search the house for things that begin with your target sound.
  3. Go through the items and talk about what they found to further develop their vocabulary and understanding of things around them: Does it match the target sound?, What’s this used for?, What color is it?, Who uses this?, Where does it go?, etc.
  • You can make this more challenging by changing the location of the target sound. Instead of finding things that begin with a certain sound, try having them find things that end with the sound – or have a certain vowel sound in the middle. They’ll have lots of fun hunting!
  • Extension activity: You can work on the comprehension skill, classifying and categorizing, by having your child sort the items into categories. For example: things that go in a drawer, things used to cook, things people wear, things we eat, etc. Or you can reverse it by assigning your child the categories and they must find items that match the category and the target sound.