Use this activity as a review for letters you’ve worked with. You can do this one whether your child knows how to read or not. Your purpose is to reinforce the letter shape and sound in a fun way.

  1. Write a silly sentence so that all of the words in it begin with the same letter and sound. For example: Handsome Henry hugs happy hyenas.
  2. Read the sentence aloud and have them repeat it with you. They can also try to say it fast several times. Ask your child what letter and sound they think is special in this sentence – /h/.
  3. Ask your child to think of other words that start with the same letter and sound. List what they come up with and go over the words.
  4. Some other sample sentences:
  • Jolly Johnny jiggles Jackie’s jewels.
  • Silly Sam says scallops soak soda.

The listing of words can also help develop your child’s vocabulary. Get ready for tongue twisters!