So the year is winding down and many parents and kids are getting ready for some summer fun around the pool. But we parents know that learning is year round (and hopefully life-long)! So in the spirit of learning, I’d like to share a couple of cool ideas for summer reading that others have put out there for us to use.

Kelly invites us to join her for a Summer Reading Theme-a-thon over at Little Homeschool On The Prairie.

This fun and simple program is designed to encourage families to enjoy reading together and extending favorite stories into togetherness-building activities as a family.

Summer Reading Theme-a-thon begins Monday, June 23 and will extend through the end of August.

I can’t think of a better reason to join in! She will post different themes bi-weekly and encourages you to create family activities and/or trips to make the themes come alive. Then she’ll be posting pictures of participating families and their creative journeys with each theme. This can be great fun for all ages!

HomeSchool Journey has some great ideas for curing what she calls “Imboreditis”.

One thing I noticed about home learning in our own environment, is that the children seem to function better when a specific level of routine remains consistent over the long summer break. If that routine is broken over the summer break, the children seem to develop what I call: Imboreditis. The symptoms of Imboreditis include: persistent whining, the droning sound of I’m bored, lethargic lying about, the dragging of feet, and of course: lots of sighing. If you begin to hear the dreaded I’m bored, I’d encourage you to think creatively.

Be sure to check out her ideas to cure these dreaded symptoms. She includes weekly visits to the library and joining a summer reading program.

Have a great time reading this summer!