Is Richard an agent of anti-Jacob?

  • Richard told Locke he had to kill his father, then Locke got someone else (Sawyer) to do it. Richard also told Ben to kill his fater, and Ben did it. Was Richard in search of this pair of peope–one who would kill his father/Father and one who would have somone else do it?
  • Ben thought Jacob lived in the cabin, but it appears that was actually anti-Jacob using Christian’s body to manipulate Locke and the others. Richard actually did know where Jacob really lived, and he took Locke there. He must have known what was going to go down and was instructed by anti-Jacob.

Jacob and anti-Jacob can’t kill each other. Ben and Charles can’t kill each other. Are they each others’ constants? Makes sense that you can’t kill your own constant, but what do you gain by your constant being killed by someone else.

If the bomb was actually detonated and the Losties are killed in the universe where it explodes, their conciousness can’t be transferred into the universe where The Incident never happened, right? But it appears that the island may split into two universes here too–one where The Incident occurs and one where the bomb detonates. How does that affect Jacob and anti-Jacob?

The lettering of “LOST” at the end of the show is usually white lettering on black background, but at the end of this one it was black lettering on a white background. Does that mean everything is turned on its head–good is bad and bad is good?

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