Bob Dylan has canceled his show in Knoxville due to low ticket sales:

Snider declined to reveal how many tickets were sold but said the number was too low to rely on last-minute ticket purchases to save the show.

“It’s just sort of tough times economically, right now,” said Snider.

Yes, things are tough economically, but another reason ticket sales are low is because it’s the “Bob Dylan” concert. I saw Dylan at Smokies Stadium with Willie Nelson in 2004.  Dylan was horrible. He was two verses into “All Along the Watchtower” before I even recognized it. Waste of time and money.

Willie is always a tremendous show, and Mellencamp is a great show as well. I’ve only seen him once and walked away a fan. Actually, I walked away realizing how big of a fan I’d always been.

I didn’t buy tickets because Dylan was part of the show. Can’t justify giving money for him to take time away from two good acts.

And some breaking news for the KNS–Mellencamp dropped “Cougar” about 20 years ago. You got scooped!