I saw this comment to a comment on Facebook and thought it was pretty powerful…

So far this month, 10 members of our military have lost their live in Iraq, and 22 have lost their lives in Afganistan.

These were mostly young people in their 20s and 30s who put themselves in harm’s way to perform a job most of us don’t have the courage to perform. The fact that they were willing to do so affords us the opportunity to watch 24 hour “news” coverage on the deaths of entertainers who are at least 50 years old.

Yeah, 50 is young too. And it’s shocking. But let’s keep this in perspective.

I’m not saying I’m any less guilty than anyone else is of getting distracted by day-to-day life–I don’t mean to cast any stones. But it is shame when so much emphasis is placed on the death of a few celebrities while we all but ignore the sacrifice of people who, at the very least, deserve to be recognized on television/radio/print by news organizations.

I have to give props to George Stephanopoulos. He recognizes all of our fallen service people every week on his show.