How The Music App Should Work On Android Devices

htc-heroAt least this is where I hope we’re headed. The coming announcement of a partnership with Google, iLike, MySpace, and LaLa gives me hope this could be happening sooner rather than later. Currently, nothing really syncs up to move music from a computer to the Android phones for music the way iTunes syncs up with the iPhone. But maybe it’s that paradigm that’s wrong to begin with. What if it worked like this…

  • Use the LaLa app to examine my library and allow me to build that library in the cloud. No need to upload any music to the cloud unless it doesn’t already exist there. We’re there already, but…
  • Integrate LaLa into the Android Music app so that I can stream my music from the cloud to my device. Sort of like what you do with Pandora, but it’s YOUR music and YOUR exact playlists.
  • But make it social–show me what kind of playlists other people are making from songs in my library. Throw in a song or two every now and then (if I so choose) as suggestions.
  • In fact, let me check out playlists other people have created with x% of my songs that suggests other songs I might like. And if I buy some music from someone else’s playlist, how about kicking some change into the account of the person who created the playlist as a commission to encourage them to buy some new music too?

I’m sure there’s even more that could be done that I haven’t even considered, but manually moving files over to an Android device seems very 2001. And if you’re like me and have hundreds of gigabytes of music, there’s no way to get it all over there anyway. I want it to always be available. All of it.