I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but…

I attended a USA Rugby coaching clinic this weekend that was phenomenal. It could not have been more different than the USA Rugby “education” sessions I’ve attended in the past. Admittedly, I had very low expectations coming in, but this was time well spent.

A big part of it focused on coaching in general, not just coaching rugby, and it could have applied to any sport–any subject for that matter. Another benefit was that it actually reminded me of one of my weaknesses of being more of a big picture person. I tend to focus more on the “why” and “how” than on “exactly how”. I’m more likely to think about strategy first, then spend the bulk of my time on the various tactics I can use to implement that strategy. Technique seems to get lost in the shuffle a lot of the time.

If you’ve ever seen me do anything other than type on a computer, you know technique is not my strong point.

So, where would you guess my weakness is as a coach? Duh. Teaching technique. I need to remember that going forward and make an effort to focus more on technique and fight my urge to always move on to the next tactic.

Another option–try to align myself with people who excel at coaching technique. I like that option better. Then I wouldn’t have to work on my coaching technique so much. 😀