…and why Wave may not.

When I was watching the presentation for Google Buzz, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the functionality was duplicated in Wave. So why could Buzz catch on where Wave hasn’t?

Because it’s not something “new”. It’s just something in addition to the email everyone is used to working with.

In large organizations, services like Yammer (which I love) are too much of a shift in mindset for too many people at once. But if something is introduced as simply an extended feature of a tool you’re already using, the game changes.

The enterprise LOVES its email. It’s smart to build a service on top of that instead of trying to establish a new service altogether, which is what Wave tried to do.

What I really love is that both of these products are coming out of the same company and look to be competing with one another on some level. The end user will be the ultimate winner as these two groups within Google try to make their product the standard.

As Sharepoint…either way, it was (sorta) nice knowing you.