I went through security at ATL this afternoon. Believe it or not, the story gets even worse…

As I was collecting all my carry on items after they were checked, one of the TSA sheriffs calls out to another over his shoulder, “Hey George! She says she knows you! But just for one night!”

I looked over and noticed the lady behind me was pregnant. She didn’t look very amused at all, but she didn’t raise a stink about it. That’ may be the most unfortunate part of the incident.

As for the TSA agent who made the comment, I guess it would have been too unprofessional for him to say, “Hey George! Check out this tramp you knocked up one night a few months ago and never spoke to again.”

What kind of culture exists within an agency that would make anyone think they had a license to say something like that? What would happen in your business if you spoke about a customer that way, especially right in front of them? Get ready for HealthCare.gov. I expect jackasses like this guy will be among the first to put in for a position admitting soon to be moms into the hospital. He probably is working on a bunch of fat jokes as we speak.