Can Science Explain the Concept of Heaven? – I was really just looking for a yes or no.

Only a Few Can Multi-Task – Bits Blog – I got sidetracked when I saw this post. I only read about half of it when something shiny popped up on my other screen.

40+ Awesome Grunge Style Photoshop Brush Packs – Hope to one day find my artistic side.

Knoxville over Huntsville 28-19 | Knoxville Rugby Football Club – Eye of the Possum! Eye of the Possum! Eye of the Possum! Go Possum!!!

Twitpic – Share photos on Twitter – Thanks @svandyke for the RedBud mug! I was going to drink this afternoon's coffee from my hands, but now…

Colombian Chicken Stew: Sancocho Recipe : Sara Moulton : Food Network – Lunch is leftover sancocho. Wish I could eat this for every meal.