When you are almost hit by a car

My paint job is messed up. His in intact.

The big fat line painted on the parking lot you were exiting and the big octagonal red “STOP” sign were directed at you. Luckily (mostly for you), I’m a much better cyclist than you are a driver. If that weren’t the case you’d be dealing with some actual legal problems. I realize you were in too big of a hurry to get somewhere to at least roll down your window and ask if I was ok. Hope it was important. Please tell the Brevard County¬†Sheriff’s deputy I said thanks again when he stops by your house.

Also, a big thanks to Jesse, who works for Brighthouse and called in your plates. Poor guy thought you actually hit me. I guess your car was in the way when he saw me go Supermanning over the handle bars, so he couldn’t see me bounce off the pavement instead of your vehicle.

Again, I’m ok–very little damage done, other than me being very angry. On second thought, maybe it is best that you just drove away.