I’m not exactly sure what people expected the POTUS to do to stop this leaking well. For all I know, he’s not even SCUBA certified–he’s yet to produce that certificate to the public–much less an expert on deep sea drilling. And as far as I know, there’s no government agency with deep sea drilling expertise. But wait for it…I’m sure there will be innumerable people proposing one.

And let’s be fair, I don’t see how Katrina was Bush’s Katrina either.

I’m not sure why so many otherwise reasonable people expect the POTUS to have super-human powers to achieve feats like putting on their cape and airlifting people from a flood or plugging gushing holes at the bottom of the sea with their fingers.

I’m not exactly a fan, but of all the ridiculous promises Obama made and expectations he set, being able to summon the powers of the sea a la Aquaman wasn’t among them. And if he spends the whole weekend going to baseball games and playing golf, that’s three days he won’t be signing legislation that puts future generations on the hook for deficit spending. I’m cool with that.

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