If you have multiple monitors, there’s nothing better than throwing the live coverage of the Tour de France onto one of the screens to listen to the race in the mornings and glance over to see what the announcers are talking about when you hear excitement in their voices. This is the only televised sporting event I really care about watching (or listening to) live.

I don’t care if they are on steroids, HGH, doped blood, meth, or monkey dung. They still have to get on those bikes and ride them a long way up some steep mountains. And since everyone is cheating anyway, the playing field is level, right?

It’s going to be nice to listen to something besides talk radio and Texas country music for a couple of weeks.

Here’s the stage schedule.


ThoseĀ  greedy fat cats over at Versus are charging to follow the tour online this year. How dare they try to make a profit on an event held in a socialist democracy! The Tour belongs to the people and accounts of it may not be produced without the express written consent of the NFL and commissioner Pete Rozell.