Sweet Potato Yammer

Don’t “sweet potatoes” sound so much tastier than “yams”?

I posted this to our network this morning, but it’s also worth stating publicly.

My new favorite thing about Yammer:

It’s so much more convenient to come back from vacation and read what people wrote in groups/threads on Yammer over the past couple of days than it is to try to sort through all the messages and replies on email. I can quickly sort out what’s important using the groups and tags, get to the meat, find out what issues are already resolved, and see what I’ve missed. It’s already organized for me!

I’ve loved Yammer for quite a while for reducing emails and helping me sort through information real time, but I hadn’t really considered the benefit of easily catching up from a vacation until our usage at work increased to a level that I could really tell the difference.

Of course, I was never too far behind anyway because I could follow along through my mobile device the whole time I was gone and have a good idea of what was going on. This was pretty easy to do too because I could cut out all the peripheral noise on Yammer and just watch the groups that are of highest priority.

There’s such a high signal to noise ratio compared to email!