It looks like Hurricane Irene is going to miss us for the most part, although I’m sure we’ll get plenty of rain and some good surf out of it; more surf than I could handle anyway.

Unfortunately, the rest of the east coast may not be as lucky as we were this time around.

We did the usual things to prepare over the weekend when it looked like we were going to be hit, at least the things a newb like me could think of. Power outage is the biggest concern since we don’t have underground utilities in our neighborhood:

  • Remove possible projectiles from the yard
  • Stock up on water, beans and rice, charcoal, flashlights and batteries
  • Plenty of gas for the car and chainsaw
Next up are a couple of things I’m doing to get ready for a bunch of rain:
  • Sprinklers off for a few days…I think we’ve got plenty of water coming
  • Empty the pool down a little…more water
  • Hex the dead tree in the neighbors’ yard to fall into their yard and not ours
Hopefully I’ll be posting mostly surfing photos and not many damage/clean up photos over the weekend.