I’ve been training for Ironman 70.3 Florida since mid-January, and so far training has gone great except for a couple of weeks of illness. Even then I didn’t miss any of my long workouts.


I’ve been putting off actually registering for the race. Part of the reason is that I’ve had a string of injuries (real and phantom) for the past couple of years and didn’t know how I’d do when I started amping up the volume in training. I think staying away from rugby and all of its related antics has gone a long way in avoiding injuries. Then there’s the money part of the equation. If you know me at all, you know it’s hard for me to chunk down a few hundred dollars for something and not get immediate value for it.

Today, when I was pretty wiped out from yesterday’s workouts, I went ahead and registered for the event.

So I’m officially in.

That’s a commitment to the commitment. Now it has to be done for sure. And it’s easier to get up and train on the days you aren’t feeling well if you think of it as getting your money’s worth.

Luckily, the race is close to home. So I won’t need to also purchase a plane ticket as a secondary commitment.

Now, about that diet…