I’m opting out of running for the rest of the week to let my calf heal up, but I’m trying to make up for it on the bike. Last night I went to a spin class at our gym for the first time.  I thought I could push hard for an hour there and basically substitute the affects of an hour long run.

I averaged HR 141 for the duration, with more time that I’d usually like near my LT, but that’s still a higher average HR than I’d usually keep on an hour bike ride and about what I’d register for an easy one hour run.

The spin bikes at the gym have power meters too, which is probably not a good thing for me three weeks out from a race. I always want to get a high score when I see something like that being measured. I was able to maintain 300W for a few intervals, but I’d really like to ride paying more attention to it. And I’d LOVE to have a power meter on my bike.

I forgot to check at the end of the ride and see what my average power was for the ride, but I’m guessing somewhere ~250. Does that seem reasonable? I’ve read good amateur cyclists should be able to do 3W/kg for an hour, and I’m 92 kg right now.

I’ll definitely be going back to these classes often when the race is finished and I can start collecting that kind of data. I still think I’ve got a lot of time to pick up on the bike in the future.