Some Things That Aren’t The Same

People seem to get a lot of things that are similar confused and are unable to differentiate between them. I’ve noticed what ends up happening is that there’s a lot of confusion, faulty political identification, and grammar errors as a result. In no particular order, here are some things I’m aware of that aren’t the same:

  • congruent and equal
  • there, their, and they’re
  • momentum and force
  • libertarianism and objectivism
  • your and you’re (I won’t even bother to include “ur”)
  • profit and profit margin
  • country and western
  • learning and taking a course
  • VAT and Fair Tax
  • Java and Javascript
  • rugby and Aussie Rules Football
  • Hitler and anybody else you can think of
  • rich and wealthy
  • deduction and rebate
  • parenting and having kids
  • revenue and income
  • needs and wants
  • scotch and bourbon
  • it’s and its
  • solutions and fixes
Feel free to add your own or correct any I’ve listed here in the comments.