It’s been a while. If you aren’t interested in running, I’m taking a page out of the book of @newscoma and sending you to a photo of something you don’t want to eff with.


Some random things that have gone through my head during recent workouts:

  • Running indoors is nice and cool. But it sucks. Treadmills suck in general. And running on an short indoor track is no fun, especially the turns.
  • The key to running your best 5k is knowing that you’ve run waaaaay further and waaaaay faster in training. You’ve just never run this far this fast. I guess that applies to most other distances.
  • I miss my junk miles.
  • If I had junk miles in my schedule, I’d end up running too many of them too hard. When my current schedule says “easy”, I run it as easy as I possibly can.
  • My chattiness is inversely proportional to my weekly volume.
  • I thought I liked swimming, but maybe I don’t. Haven’t really missed it.
  • Pressure makes diamonds.