I haven’t been very motivated this week. Maybe that’s the reason it’s a scheduled as a step-back week on my schedule? Maybe someone knows what they are doing when they make these schedules? I’m beginning to suspect that more and more.

Key Run 1: 10-20 minutes warmup, 3 x 1600 (3 min RI), 10 minute cooldown

Key Run 2: 2 miles easy, 3 miles tempo, 2 miles easy

Key Run 3: 10 miles at PMP+45-60s. That’s 9:45 pace for me.

I never got the gumption to do Key Run 1 yesterday, so I did it today. Blech…I went too fast on the first interval, and the time I saved came back to haunt me on the last one, dragging 15 seconds of its friends with it. Now I’m in the position of doing the tempo run on zero rest tomorrow. Normally I wouldn’t want to try that, but the lower mileage and easy pace of Sunday’s run makes me think it’s ok.

Worst case, I’ll just run 7 easy tomorrow. I told myself at the beginning of this that there would be no skipped workouts, but I would allow myself to run straight miles in place of the intervals/tempos if needed. May need it tomorrow.