This post on a specific instance of hospitality made me think of this post on hospitality in general.

Look at that…one blog linking to two others.

Since it’s in season, I can give an anecdote of going to the LSU/UT game in the fall of 1992 in Baton Rouge. My traveling buddy was a Lousyanan, but had seen the light and was enrolled at UT. He’d assured me we wouldn’t have to worry about eating or purchasing any pops before the game…we’d be well fed in the parking lot. Having previously traveled to a game in Athens, GA as a visitor, I was skeptical. ¬†But I was pleasantly surprised to hear, “Hey! You Tennessee boys come over here and get a bite to eat!” several times between the car and the game. We were polite enough to stop and sample several plates of food and pops.

It was like “Taste of Tiger Stadium” without having to buy tickets.¬†Genuine hospitality.