I stink. Seriously, I’m really stinky.

And I sweat a lot. Any run over 8 miles usually results in my feet making squishing sounds with each step. So once I’m deep into a training program, my shoes are in a perpetual cycle:

  • Soaked with my stinky sweat
  • Set out to dry for a couple of days while I fill a second pair of shoes with my stinky sweat during the next workout
  • Rinse and repeat

I usually don’t actually rinse them though. So they build up a dried out, soaked in stinky smell. I try sprinkling them with Gold Bond and baking soda every now and then if I remember, but they usually just end up stinking to high heaven.

The other day I Googled this problem and found a great solution–cat litter.

I filled some old rugby socks with cat litter and stuffed them down into my shoes and left them overnight. This removed about 90% of the smell in the shoes.

I’m very proud to share this little trick with you, and when I find out how to get the cat litter smell out of my shoes I will be sure to post the solution.