High Level 2012 Workout Stats

ANYTHING for love

This is all rounded to the nearest whatever. Burn was right at 235,000 calories this year.


28 miles, 15 hours, 36 minutes

This is pretty pathetic. I have to crack down on my swimming. I fall in a bad habit of giving up everything I’ve gained when a race is finished. Starting a swim clinic on Tuesday…hopefully that will kick me in the aise.


1704 miles, 89 hours, 7 minutes

Slacked off on my cycling during marathon training this year. Another mistake. Should have hammered it even harder. Setting a goal of 3,000 miles for 2013.


697 miles, 110 hours, 5 minutes

Not too bad, but I could have done a lot more in the beginning of the year, and I gave up about 100 miles in the three weeks leading up to marathon. Mulling a goal of 2,013 kilometers in 2013. That would be 1,250 miles…very doable.

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