I was the number 2 draft pick to swim for the Miles of Love relay team at the Cocoa Beach Triathlon this Sunday. Unfortunately, the top draft pick is having some health issues with her son. 🙁

I’m excited for the chance to get in the open water and give the wetsuit a test drive in race conditions. I’m also excited to see how fast I can do that distance without having to do any other events afterwards. It’s only 400 meters. Not that I can swim that very fast…it’s just that it isn’t a long course compared to the May half-iron distance swim.

Here’s where I’m a little nervous/intimidated though…

I’ve never met the other two members of my team. We’ve been coordinating packet pick up on Facebook, and I took note that our cyclists has a photo of him cycling for his profile pic. And our runner has a photo of her running for her profile pic.

Ummm….yeah. My profile pic most definitely does NOT imply that I’m any kind of swimmer. I’m happy to have people who are strong in their events on my team, but I hate being the weak link.

By the way, Miles of Love is a charity started by a friend of mine here locally. Its focus is helping local families who have children with life threatening illnesses. That could be anything from assisting these families get access to services offered by other organizations to paying for gas to and from the hospital to spend time with their child. We’d love your support in helping families in Brevard County out during their stressful and vulnerable times.