This is pretty cool…

Looking at the results from Rocketman, I was in 26th place coming off the bike in my age group. I finished 17th in my age group overall.

I passed nine people in my age group during T2+Run. Four of those people were already ahead of me after the swim, and the other five passed me on the bike.

I’m happy about catching 9 people. But I’m happier about this–nobody in my age group passed me on T2+Run. I’m not a tremendous runner or anything. This is just because of having a thought out race plan and sticking to it.

Here’s something more telling that should prove it.

For all males, I picked up 42 spots overall in T2+Run (from 136 to 94).

One guy passed me. I passed 43.

So by holding back on the swim and bike, I put myself in the position to catch a lot of people on the run.

Not that I’m racing anyone…seriously I’m not. But this confirms that holding back on the bike got me my best possible time overall. It’s interesting to look at the run splits compared to bike splits of other athletes. You can totally tell who blew up.

I feel bad for them. I’ve been there, and it’s no fun.

70.3 is a running race. I’m more convinced now than I ever was.