289 Hours of Swim/Bike/Run: 35:32 | 123:49 | 129:27

I think I see a problem here–a little heavy on the run and not as much bike as I should have. I can remedy that in 2014. The good news is that compared to last year, all numbers are up, and I more than doubled my time in the water. Bike time was up about 39%, and run time was up slightly.

Going by mileage, which is something I’m trying to move away from, I was at 3081.21 total miles (54.59 | 2252.91 | 768.7). All of those are up significantly from last year too, although they’re a little short on my goals. I’m very happy with the swim increase though.

Best part of 2013 was race management in my big events–Rocketman 70.3, Bridge to Bridge Swim, Battle of the Bridges Olympic tri,  Space Coast Marathon, and Self-Supported 50k run.