Unschool? Free Range? Child-Led? Whatever

So what do we do exactly? Or, maybe the real question is what do we call it.

I guess “unschool” is the best catch all term, and the one most people are familiar with. Yeah, the term “unschool” is a little polarizing. Whether polarizing is a positive or negative thing I’ll leave to the beholder.

We don’t mind the term “unschooling” at all.

But it still doesn’t describe what we (don’t) do exactly. I think we tend to fall more in line with the “child-led learning” camp. We let the kids learn about whatever they are interested in, whenever they are interested in it, and however they want.

So, technically,  it’s not very “unschool” of us to give them a workbook so they can sit at the table for hours and complete the whole thing over a weekend.

But if that’s what they ask us to do, that’s what they get to do.

Get to do. Not have to do.

They don’t have to sit at the table for hours. They don’t have to sit there at all. The only reason they sit there is because they want to.

And we never did the de-schooling exercise either. Again, not that de-schooling is necessarily a bad thing to do. I especially get it if you’re trying to move from a strict “school-at-home” type structure–everybody has to reprogram their minds.

For us, there was never really a need for us to de-school. There wasn’t a mind set change for us at all when “school” started. That’s because school never really starts (or ends) at our house.

We just keep living–and not just the kids either. All of us are constantly learning.

I’m very jealous of the pace at which they are learning compared to me.

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