The warm up was pretty standard with no new things introduced. I like it that we’re doing more partnered warm ups now–KoB, transition from one side control to the other after an underhook, guard retention etc.

The technique section was progressive. First we worked on an armbar from guard, then we added a transition to back from the single leg defense. The last step was setting up the bow and arrow choke from there. I’m going to try to remember all the steps and tips from the beginning, but I expect I’m leaving something out.

  • Hands on wrists, grab opposite tricep of one arm
  • Break guard for foot on him on the trapped arm side to rotate, elbows tight
  • Release wrist hold hand and control head, bring leg over
  • Squeeze thighs and heels to floor, scoot in to close distance
  • Kimura grip to break the defense
  • When leg is captured in half-guard, control arm at tricep, post other hand, and release head–natural reaction of opponent is to sit up
  • Use post hand to quickly attack back
  • Go to deep collar grip and roll opponent to bring leg across the lap and underhook the leg.
  • Leg over shoulder–for me, had to rock back the other way to make up for stiff hips


4:00 with Norm. Honestly, was a little preoccupied mentally, and not sure what I was doing other than surviving based on what I’ve been reading in Jiu-Jitsu University. I was able to work on technique when opponent has my back and from turtle. Boring, but seemed effected. He got a triangle on me that I did a decent job of defending for a while, but he still got it.

4:00 with Louis. His hand is still bothering him, so we started with him in my guard. He passed much more easily than last time, and we were back and forth for a while. I got his back, but I was high and couldn’t get a good balance. Attempted to roll for the bow and arrow, but no dice. We ended with him in my guard and me trying to work for a cross choke.

4:00 with Robert (new): As bad as I am, it’s hard to say I “took it easy”, but I definitely took the opportunity to work on technique over strength with him. Saw lots of places where better artists would have attempted arm bars. I ended up getting a triangle–not deep, but I got it. After that, explained to him one of the only things I know–extended arms from within someones guard will mean arm bars.

4:00 with Norm again. This time we started with me in side control. I was actually able to hold it for a few seconds. I think he could tell I was toasted mentally and physically, and it turned into much more of a flow roll.