We worked on the mount escape again, this time finishing it off with a sweep.

  • Elbows to ground to prevent high guard, head up
  • Make ‘L”s with hands on opponent’s hips
  • Inch active toes up to booty
  • Oopa with toes and hands, bringing knees to chest
  • Opponent lands in butterfly guard
  • Gable grip around back
  • Kick legs and sit up
  • Overhook elbow tight
  • Kick opposite leg and roll 45 degrees to shoulder

We also worked an armbar from there if they post the hand, and this was pretty cool–duck head under the post arm and fall backwards–head on elbow and lift wrist.

This was by far my best night of rolling–was still mostly in survival mode, but was far more offensive against better opponents, and the survival was working much better as well.

I need to focus on finishing chokes. I’m getting into good positions a lot–hands in the right place in good body position to start, but I’m not finishing. I’m guessing it’s the little stuff like how I twist my elbows in each one, shifts in body weight, and angles. I tend to get excited about the positions and forget the little details involved.