I had to miss on Tuesday night, and I already felt a little behind.

Technique was an escape from side control:

  • Inside elbow to the ground and hand on hip
  • Outside hand across face and grip the trap
  • Oopa and get the underhook with outside hand
  • Reverse shrimp through the hole created with underhook
  • Head pushes down arm and transition to their back
  • Option from the oopa is to bring blocking knee across the lap and hook the hip to regain guard

We did King of the Mat, and poor Norm got stuck for the whole duration because nobody could pass his guard. I made it down a couple of times against Ana and Ed, but then lost my spot to Rudy. Got arm barred by Rudy once and triangled by Norm once. Lost my back and side control all the other times.

Had a good roll with Ed and was able to attempt 4 different submissions in 6 minutes–guillotine, ┬ábaseball bat, arm bar, and arm triangle. Unfortunately could not finish any. Have to get better at the details that allow the finishes. Especially the baseball bat. I have no idea was I was missing there.

Had another good roll with Rudy. He tapped me pretty early by just driving all the air out of my chest and getting me locked up so that I couldn’t breathe at all. After that I was able to pass and maintain side control for a while. Sensed his escape attempt and adjusted to North/South when he went for it.