Cooked. Bonked. Spent.

Started off with my own vicious cycle and got a good sweat going quickly. Rolled with Frank after that with the expected results.

Rolled with Alicia after that–first roll with her, and it was really good. Trying to not use strength and weight for offense. Not ashamed to use it for defense though because she was constantly attacking. She had my back a couple of times, and when I was in side control she was consistently grabbing my foot with her feet. None of the guys I’ve rolled with have the flexibility to do that.

Then Ed showed up. Another marathon session. Same result–arm bar on me after about ~30 minutes. Still unable to finish arm bar twice and had what I thought was a really deep triangle but couldn’t get it ended. I was completely on empty at the end. I was literally laying on my side with my eyes closed happy that I was able to defend that position for several minutes before I got caught. Afterwards I was happy to lie on my back in a pool of my own sweat.

Went to the beach after for more of the same. Realized after I got some food in me and my head back that I was completely calorie depleted. No more rolling without any food. Rest day earned.