Getting ready for competition. Little more intensity, and a lot of rolling. The KoB rotation transition finally clicked for me tonight during partner drills, and we also worked on breaking grips from standing.

Love having Norm as a partner for drills. He pushes the pace and doesn’t give me anything. Plus he’s able to tell me when technique slips. For instance, at the end of my turn breaking grips I was wearing down and not using my hips.

“Hips can go all day long, but arms get tired.”

Technique was a flow for a seated guard pass

When everything goes as planned

  1. Passing headquarters
  2. Push down on passing knee, spin with other hand on opponent’s hip
  3. Backstep around foot to KoB/Side Control

When caught in half guard when trying to pull through

  1. Hand on OUTSIDE of knee and push to opposite side
  2. Weight heavy on top leg and sprawl
  3. Use leg-side hand to thread legs and kick out to side control

When opponent sits back up after initial push

  1. Hand behind head, hand behind triceps
  2. Slice knee down along hip, making space with triceps hand
  3. Sit through with weight heavy on stomach/diaphragm and opposite arm tight to body
  4. NOTE: keep that elbow and butt off the ground. All the weight goes on the opponent.

Worked from bad positions. Couldn’t hold Norm from his back, and got choked out once.  My bad position was mount with Rudy and Ana. Rudy got an armbar once, but I did ok after that.

Norm got an 8 minute roll with fresh people every minute. We went two rounds each with bad positions on the second rotation. He’s pretty beastly.

8 minutes with Ed at the end of the night. Another stalemate. Legitimately lost top position this time instead of choosing the bottom. Spent a lot of time trying to get to top. Threatened a triangle once and finally got the sweep for the last minute or so.