Normal warm up and we went into some partner drills–KoB rotation, chucking feet from standing to pass into side control, etc.
Technique was really useful for me tonight because we based everything off of the arm bar from guard–something I’ve had some trouble with since the beginning. Maybe it’s not that I had trouble, but we learned it so early on that I needed to review and also get as many reps as possible. I got a lot of reps tonight with Norm (quality reps).
  • Wrist control
  • Reach under one arm  for cross triceps control and clamp
  • Former wrist hand reaches up to control head and/or grab back of gi
  • Foot on hip and other leg holding down posture
  • Whip leg over to face and heels to ground
  • Tight hips, head side arm to kimura grip. Elbow-to-elbow
  • Bait with the foot between the legs and release head
  • Post with free hand to take the back or…
  • Go to back with leg over head, post out and roll to arm bar

Rolls with Dan the man
Escaped triangle, tried shoulder choke
Coach Frank
Defend bow and arrow, mount escape, then choked
Tapped me at least three times with a bunch of chokes
Tapped me with one choke, cardio paid off at the end, attempted the shoulder choke