Warmup was the usual with more partner drills–KoB roatation, pummeling for underhooks and rotating in side control, reverse de la riva (I’m still not there) into single leg takedown.

We spent more time drilling arm bar from guard. I needed this, and it’s getting smoother. We learned a variation to snake out and grab the arm we weren’t attacking and pull it down. Key points:

  • Knees tight
  • Sit up to get more space
  • Crook of my elbow to just above back of enemy’s elbow
  • Can use other hand to find the right spot–totally in control in this position.

Rolling was much better than Tuesday night.

Dan —  tried to stand from beginning and throw his legs to pass. Got past one at least.  No tap.

Rudy — Maybe my best roll I’ve ever had. I know Rudy is aggressive. I’m sure he takes it a little easy on me, but he’s always down to get scrappy. My weight is a big advantage with him though. I think I actually threatened a collar choke. No tap.

Frank — Ate a bicep crusher for a long time before finally tapping. Ouch. I was really driving my shoulder in, but I guess I can’t take pain like he can. LOL. Defended pretty well when I was in his guard by scooting out low.

Norm — Norm gave me a lot in this roll. One of those gifts was side control. I think he was actually fighting to get out of it. I guess maybe he felt he needed that work from someone heavy, and the only way to get it was to give the position away? He got me with a bow and arrow from back, and he got it a lot easier than Frank can. Those long legs really do it.