A pretty typical warm up and partner drills with a new KoB transition variation of windshield wiper sliding across.

Went over the KoB to omoplata we did on Tuesday and then worked on an option for a toe hold for the guy in danger of the omoplata:

  • Reach for the foot
  • Head under
  • “Bend the rebar”

Rolling: Norm, Dan, Justice, Frank, Jonathan
Had a really good roll with Norm. Saw an arm and went after it. I know he was still giving me a lot and maybe trying to see what I would do and let me attack it for a while before armbaring me. Good roll for me though.

Dan (always favorite roll) was really fun. Tried to pass into side control and he was pulling my gi over my head–didn’t like where that was headed so backed out and tried to figure out a way to break his grips on my sleeves. We ended up in a crazy leg fight over half-guard. The result was me in his guard, and I tried to bait him into going for the triangle again so I could test out the last-ditch escape we learned from Gerry. Worst case I just tap, and I don’t care about that. But Dan The Man didn’t take the bait, so I’ll have to try to get him to do it again next time.

Dang…Justice is big. And heavy. I was expecting 30 seconds of hell. I got it and weathered it and ended up in side control, but he just pushed me off and I got full guard on him. Went for the classic arm bar but couldn’t get my leg all the way over in time. He stacked me up and as I tried to roll him down for the omoplata he just crashed on me. Ouch. Luckily he was gassed and I was able to wiggle out and mount him. Ended it with Americana. We went again and I tried for a long time to get the take down and establish top position. DID NOT want to be on bottom with him for another second.

With Frank, I actually got side control and held it for a little bit with kesa gatame. But, yeah, same result as always.

Jonathan–I’m really liking rolling with him as well. He does a great job of taking the techniques we’re learning in class and applying them. I get to work on my sweeps a lot with him as well. I see arm bars everywhere when we roll, and that’s what I got him with. He grabbed a toe hold for a bit and was close to having it. I was able to get out, but I think it may have done a little damage on my knee. Lesson here for me is that I’m just not going to be grabbing people’s feet and legs until I know what’s up with feet and legs. At the 30 second mark I rolled over to guard to see if I could quickly get an arm bar with the intent of getting one last sweep if I wasn’t successful. I was trying to put some pressure on myself to make something happen. Wasn’t able to arm bar, but with 6 seconds left I started setting up a scissor sweep and got it.