Circles, up and downs, single drills with sit-through (all three steps) and neck rolls. We partnered up and did KoB rotations, then straight to technique.

Technique was passing a review of Wednesday’s lunch class from headquarters:

  • Same side grip on lapel/knee
  • Knee to sturnim
  • Slice
  • Swap lapel grip
  • Knee grip moves to wrist, pull up and slide through


  • Same side grip lapel/knee
  • Knee to sturnim
  • Swap grips grips
  • Hip bump to move leg and side control

Roll with Shawn–he swept me a bunch of times and got really close on a choke. Ended with him having my back, I went to attack arm bar, which is something Ed does with me a lot. It’s not really something you are likely to finish, but it does make the other guy forget about the choke and defend his arm.

Roll with Jonathan, worked on retaining guard. Went to mount almost back. No submission either way.

Roll with Dr. Dan–worked on retaining open guard, got him to full guard and attempted arm bars, kimuras, sweeps, but nothing happening. He is tough to move once he’s locked down a position.

Roll with Matt–new guy, and really fun to roll with. Got closer to a Bow and Arrow than I’ve been with anyone else.

Again with Shawn–hand up the gi choke and got an arm bar.

I like choking my friends.