After warmups, we continued the same theme from Tuesday, working on using using the opponent’s lapel to assist with the arm bar and the flower sweep.

For the arm bar, set it up with the wrist and triceps from guard, then…

  • Use wrist hand to get bottom of lapel to triceps hand
  • Elbow in and hold tight
  • Finish arm bar

For the flower sweep…

  • Pull tight with legs for over/under
  • Hand lapel to over hand using under hand, trapping arm
  • Hand lapel to under hand behind head
  • Reach under the leg, rotate hips out and pull
  • Finish with arm bar or fist into artery

Rolled with Abraham, and did what I have been avoiding with him from the get-go…got smothered. That is a big strong dude.  Still, tried to work as much as possible on my back. Rolled with Django after that, and moved through as many things as I could, only finishing the arm bar and the bow and arrow.

Fun roll with Ana–she’s crazy strong for her size, and I can’t keep up with her movement. Got some sort of electric chairish thing that would have submitted most guys for sure, but it wasn’t a problem for her.

Next up was Ed, and I decided I don’t want to be on bottom. Got really close with the bow and arrow, and forgot the last step (SHRIMP AWAY!) from finishing the swim-through-grab-gi stuff we learned last week to get the down bar.

Norm–destroyed me. I had nothing left in the tank at this point. Not that it would have mattered, but I got destroyed more quickly than usual.