I have the best, most perfect girl in the world. At least for me. There was never a consideration about us doing anything for Valentine’s Day except going to training and grinding it out–just like every other Tuesday.

I was actually impressed that we had so many people at training, especially with lots of regulars missing. True, we had a couple of visitors to the gym, but nine people on a (fake) holiday isn’t bad at all! Four ladies training, and I was the smallest of the big guys by 25 pounds or so, so I got mentally prepared for what sparring was going to be like on this day.

Lasso Guard Sweep:

  • Four fingers into the cuff of the sleeve on both sides
  • Shrimp to get shin to crook of the elbow
  • Shrimp to get the other crook of the elbow
  • Push butt up to tighten that hold
  • Turn to opposite hip to punch leg out and loop for lasso
  • Bait the pass, reach under other leg and load them up
  • Push/pull for the sweep

If they push the knee through, follow their hand with yours and grip the lat, grab with the other hand and pull down while figure-4 locking the legs for a bicep crusher.

Roll with Abraham–submitted once with an arm bar and got a couple of scissor sweeps.

Roll with Matt — close on a triangle, but couldn’t finish. That wore me out, and he was on top for the rest of the time. He almost finished an Ezekiel

Roll with Shawn–tapped me with an arm bar and got close with some sort of weird choke from the top. Thought I had a guillotine, and I held on to it for a long time but he was able to escape.

Roll with Django, who is much improved over last week.