Small class, and I think Coach Frank was probably glad the partner match ups worked out. Big Shawn was there for me to partner with, and TJ and Django had each other to drill. We worked on the butterfly sweep, keeping elbows tight and trapping the over-hooked arm while dropping the knee to the ground for leverage to push off of on the sweep.

We also worked on a solution for getting stacked in the triangle, which I needed. We under-hooked the leg and rolled back to an arm bar. The flow we used to work on this was to start with an arm bar and transition to a triangle if we think they’re going to be able to move our top leg by getting our bottom leg up above their shoulder through the hole they are using to defend with the gable grip. From there we roll to the triangle, hit the down bar, and let them stand to under hook the leg and roll back to the arm bar.

For Muay Thai, we worked on basics, which is what I need. Jabs up and down the mat, foot work, then combinations: 1-2-3-roundhouse and 2-3-roundhouse. Rolled a couple of rounds with Shawn, and he dominated me in positions. His cardio is getting better, and once he’s on top I can’t get out from under him for very long. So ten minutes of fighting for space, under hooks, and trying to catch legs and get back to guard.