I love review nights. Yes, it’s really cool to learn new mind-blowing techniques, but I forget most of what we go over in class, even though I write most of it down. It’s just information overload for a poor ol’ white belt from Robertson County.

Tonight we reviewed these two mount escapes.

I like review nights because they help me see the little details that I don’t pick up on the first time around. For instance, the big oopa and sit up escape works much better when your opponent is bringing his weight and posture low to you because his center of gravity will be shifted more to the top of his torso, which makes his hips a little lighter and easier to pop up.

King of the mat was next, and I actually hit a submission from the bottom in one round. Got a couple of sweeps that I don’t know what to call, and got to work on deep half guard a little bit.

Rolled with Brad, Abraham, and Ana.