I didn’t get to write up last Thursday’s training, but I guess that’s ok because we built off of that progression in class last night, so there was plenty of review. Again, I love going back and getting the details after I *think* I know how to do something.

Closed Guard

  • Make nice finger grips at the cuffs
  • Pull and raise hips to tighten up closed guard
  • If lapel is loose, use that to secure arm by wrapping around
  • Or grab deep behind the bicep to trap arm
  • Deep collar grip – 4 fingers in to control posture
  • Foot on hip to rotate for arm bar–knee tight to their ribs
  • Other foot pressing heels to floor to control posture
  • Squeeze knees tight
  • Push collar grip away and rotate knee over face–keep squeezing knees

If they go to their back and grip to defend

  • Head side under target arm. Knife of forearm on their forearm
  • Kimura grip
  • Roll to shoulder or cross feet into opposite arm to pop grip

If can’t break grip

  • Don’t give up that fight, but work lower foot into hole between arms
  • “Let” your leg that’s pinning their head down slip
  • When they sit up, secure the triangle

If triangle is being defended

  • Swim over trapped arm and under other arm
  • “Wave” that arm back to your head and trap wrist between head and shoulder
  • Slide arm down, sit up and pull down for downbar

Some good rolls too. Ian (visitor from Mexico) wiped up the mat with me a few times. I have 15 pounds or so on him probably, but he was getting anything he wanted from his closed guard, and mounting when that didn’t work. Also rolled with Jonathan and Django.

This is from open mat on Saturday, which was also some really good rolling!