I’ve somehow fallen out of logging every single training session, which is bad because I can’t even remember all the things I’ve forgotten that we’ve been working on. There was a focus on half guard for a couple of weeks, and I found some stuff there that I’m using in live rolls a lot. But I’m only using 20% of the stuff we learned. Limited by age and natural athleticism, I’ve been latching onto the stuff I know will work for me and running with it. Still, it’s good to be exposed to stuff other people may try to do.

This week we were heavy on the white belt attendance on both Tuesday and Thursday, so it was a good week to go back and review some stuff, which I love!

First of all, setting up the kimura from side control.

  • Move cross face to push face back with elbow
  • Pull them to their side and elevate arm to sneak other arm in
  • Get kimura grip
  • Windshield wipe leg and move to seated
  • Pressure on triceps/elbow
  • Motorcycle grips, pull out, posture up, hide wrist behind
  • Finish

If grip can’t be broken, trap the hand and go to collar choke (thumb in). Tuck elbow to hip and put weight down.

Or step over and release the wrist. Roll to the released arm, figure four and twist for the bicep cutter.

Or go straight to scissor choke.

Rolls have been going great. That is all.