Been a loooong while since I’ve kept any notes on my training. I haven’t even been voice recording my thoughts post-training. For a couple of months I’ve been commuting back and forth to training with the whole family, and I’ve been able to talk about everything that happened, what works and what doesn’t, analysis of rolls, etc. with the Missus on the way back. The problem with that is that I end up not recording it in anyway, and I have a terrible memory about all the jive. So everything gets lost.

I’ll try to remember what we worked on the last couple of nights at least.

Tuesday (gi)–from side control:

  • Tight control and loosen opponent’s lapel
  • Pass to cross-face hand, knuckles down
  • KOB and grip lapel on same side of head we are on, palm up.
  • If they are fighting that, same grip on the other side, cup their head and loop over
  • Go thumb in on lapel on other side
  • Choke

Wednesday (no gi):

  • Passing headquarters
  • Hand on hip, hand on outside of knee we’re sitting on
  • Push in and long step. (Reverse kesa gatame worked well for me)
  • If knee is high, underhook and chop down on it
  • Loop arm under crook of knee and onto thigh.
  • Push and move to side control

We have a competition coming up, and I was going to post some thoughts on that, but I think it’s better to make that a post on its own.