Smallish class last night after the competition. I’m guessing there were a few people who needed to decompress from that intensity or maybe handle some things that didn’t get done over the weekend. As for me, I was ready to go since I felt like I missed out on two hours of rolling Saturday for about 8 minutes of competing. There is still a small twinge in my back causing a hitch in my get along.

Warmups involved hitting some arm bars, hitchiker out of arm bar, and passes, then we moved on to technique, which consisted of a couple of side mount escapes.

  • Shuck the outside shoulder to create elbow to the mat space
  • Frame at the hips and grind outside hand to frame across chest/neck (protect elbow)
  • Hip bump to create momentum before the bench press
  • Shrimp and slide knee in for a frame

Another option

  • Hook the inside leg with your foot and extend it
  • Hook thigh with other foot
  • Push away at hip and arm pit and rotate hips back in for buttterfly guard
  • Sweep, sit up, reguard, or go for kimura if that balance is there

Rolled with Abe, Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan