Retrospective of BJJ Sprint 2

What was I trying to accomplish?

  • Focus on better gripping (and other fundamentals)
  • Improve conditioning
  • Improve mobility/flexibility


What went well?

Mostly, just saw some really good information, not just on grips (which is what I really wanted to look at), but on other concepts as well. Maybe one of the best things I learned to consider was what my goals are from the top and bottom of open guard. From the bottom, I want to control grips, head, and hips. From the top, avoid the grips and control the legs and hips to make it a fair fight.


What went poorly?

Didn’t hit all of the yogas/runs. Missed 4 of each to be exact. That’s eight chances to improve blown.

Got really down on running. I went out for my first long run and was in some back pain, then only did half of it. Was fighting off being sick for an entire week and let that discourage me from running and yoga. I still went to BJJ class (and got suh-mashed), so that shows me where my enthusiasm lies.

I’m not even a little bit excited about this half marathon.

I think it would help to have The Missus to hold me accountable for the yoga I think. She enjoys it a lot more than I do, so hopefully she can help.

Diet was absolutely horrid for over a week. I can blame it on Halloween all I want, but Halloween didn’t shove that garbage into my mouth. The sugar causes a ton of inflammation for me. I think that’s where pretty much all of the back pain comes from. One day of eating clean and I already feel better.

How can process improve?

Need to focus on choosing things that are more measurable. I think there’s a ton of value in studying general grappling concepts, but it’s kind of hard to measure or count how those things are working for me. I can’t say that I attempted a concept X number of times and count how many times it worked. With things like sweeps and submissions I can absolutely do that.
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